Say hello to crypto mortgages

Because whales need homes too

Turn your bitcoin into bricks and mortar.
Use your digital assets to help fund your next property purchase,
without needing to sell them.



With our revolutionary crypto mortgages you don’t have to. Use your crypto to help fund your next property purchase without needing to sell any of it.

We provide mortgages in traditional currencies, backed by your crypto holdings.



No need to move your crypto into a fiat currency – your crypto stays as crypto

No need to incur exchange fees for conversion and withdrawal in fiat

No need to create an extra tax liability by realising investment gains



Do I need to sell any of my crypto to fund my mortgage?

No, you do not need to sell any of your crypto to fund the mortgage. Your crypto stays as crypto, held with our custodian partner over the duration of the loan.

Can I access my crypto while it is deposited with ByBrix?

You can withdraw your crypto once your loan is repaid, or when your loan to value ratio is over the threshold we set (for example 50%).

What is the maximum property value that I buy with a crypto mortgage?

The way our crypto mortgages work is that we split the borrowing between a traditional lender who would lend up to 80% of the value of the property, and a crypto loan. The crypto loan needs to be 200% over-collateralised when the loan is drawn down. So to borrow a crypto loan of $100k you need to provide $200k of collateral. This is a loan to value ratio of 50% (the loan is 50% of the value of your collateralised crypto).

For example, for a $1m property you would need $1m in crypto if the mortgage was for $500k (meaning that the other $500k would need to be covered by a crypto loan), or $400k in crypto if the mortgage was for $800k (meaning that the other $200k would need to be covered by a crypto loan).

What are the terms of the traditional mortgage part of the crypto mortgage, and how competitive is its pricing?

Part of our process is to find the right traditional mortgage for you, to sit alongside your crypto loan. We find the best deal from all mortgage providers comfortable with the crypto lending element of the property purchase. This means the overall rate is as competitive as it gets.

What happens when BTC drops in value?

We work on loan to value (LTV). If your LTV ratio hits 73% we liquidate 33% of the collateral to repay a portion of the loan. This improves the LTV ratio to 60%. If crypto keeps going down we would liquidate another 33% at 73% LTV ratio and so on. The net result is that the downpayment element of the loan is repaid in full, and you don’t owe anything more. We send alerts as the LTV ratio approaches liquidation, and you can top up your collateral with ETH, BTC or USDC to improve your LTV ratio at any point.

Where is the collateralised crypto stored, and how is it kept safe?

Unlike other lenders, we do not re-lend the collateral you deposit with us. Your crypto is held in an insured wallet with Fireblocks and never leaves our custody. We then use a smart contract to borrow against the collateral from one of the top DeFi protocols. All assets are visible on-chain so you will be able to see the collateral we hold and the value of loans made to protocols. This means that we run a 100% transparent model where you can see the health of the lending book in real-time – something no bank or other lender is offering.

Why is your LTV high at 50%?

We keep our loan to value ratio (LTV) at 50% as that gives both you and us an acceptable buffer against any possible rapid reductions in the price of the cryptocurrency you’ve deposited as collateral.

Are both my property and my crypto at risk with a ByBrix crypto mortgage?

ByBrix crypto mortgages have two elements: the first is a loan collateralised by your crypto, and the second is a traditional mortgage.

The crypto you deposit with us as collateral is not used to secure your property – it is only used to secure the crypto loan element of your crypto mortgage. And the traditional mortgage element of your crypto mortgage is not secured by your crypto, it is only secured by your property.

This means that each element of your crypto mortgage has a different asset (crypto or property) securing it. We do not use both assets to secure each loan.


Founded in 2022, we’re a venture backed by AQRU plc, the UK’s only stock exchange-listed DeFi accelerator, and Blimp Homes, a decentralised real-estate data company.

AQRU plc’s team comes from a range of blue-chip crypto, payments and fintech firms, and has one of the longest track records of successfully managing assets in the crypto space.

Blimp Homes, run by seasoned industry leaders, is on a mission to democratise real estate data, away from the hands of centralised entities who currently govern how data should be shared and stored.



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